The Majestic Social Justice Fund

The Majestic Yoga Social Justice Fund dedicated to bringing yoga, mindfulness, holistic education and health to communities of color.

The Social Justice Fund is committed to empowering students and new teachers, building self-awareness and strong bodies, sharing an understanding of neuromuscular alignment, and bringing our spirit and knowledge to the community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Majestic Yoga Social Justice Fund is to make yoga and holistic education accessible to minority communities and communities in need, where yoga can have a positive impact on health and healing. Yoga can and should be available to all students, regardless of ages, cultural, heritage, or socioeconomic status.

There are two levels of our outreach:

Personal Outreach

Majestic Yoga will be working with our teachers to implement classes in our target communities. These classes will be official Majestic Yoga classes and open to all students. Students facing financial hardship, social hardship, family illness, or trauma may apply for a free 10-class voucher.

Community Outreach

Majestic's goal is to fight injustice and foster inclusion in the yoga world, by promoting and supporting teachers of color. We will be offering scholarships for our Fall 2020 Yoga Teacher Training program, to prospective teachers from communities of color. The revenue from the Majestic Social Justice Fund and our Yoga Teacher Training program will be reinvested into hiring teachers of color into our own studio - especially those with particular specializations, such as trauma, therapeutics, and Afro Yoga.

Open your Ears, Heart, and Mind

Tune in to Majestic Yoga Studio's Talking Social Justice webinar series, this October.

Throughout the month of October, Majestic will be hosting a series of speakers, who are actively organizing and fighting against racism and inequality.

We will explore issues of systemic racism, social justice, and equal rights. Listeners will also learn how to get involved in their own communities, as well as how they themselves can be part of the solution.