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An evening of Yoga off the Mat: Food, Community and Discussion


Majestic Yoga led by Rahel Wasserfall and Lindsay Gibson
7pm, January 24, 2018
At Full Moon Restaurant
(Please RSVP by January 22)

  Full Moon Restaurant
Date:  Wednesday, January 24th
Time:  7pm

Event Description

I“ So often what prevents us from living an admirable life is the chattering of our minds, which pester us with long outdated doubts and despair.”

 In our turbulent times we seem to need our yoga more than ever; but how can this personal, internal practice brings us more into the world? How does a yoga practice serve us off the mat? And why do we need yoga now?  

We, at Majestic thought that the dark days of winter are the perfect time to gather around food and reconnect to what is important in our lives. Come join us and discuss the meaning and place of yoga in our lives.

Dinner will be held at 7pm at Full Moon Restaurant

Lindsay Gibson, MS the Founder of Majestic Yoga Studio, and Rahel Wasserfall PhD and Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher will lead us in a lively round table discussion punctuated with good food. We hope you can join us.

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