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Urban Retreat with Lindsay Gibson & Adrianne Vincent

Brought to Majestic by The Yoga Training and Research Institute
Location  Harvard-Epworth
Date  Saturday, March 17th
Time  1pm - 4pm
Fee  $50
Scholarships are available


Workshop Description

"An Urban Retreat" is time we take away from our everyday stresses in life to focus on ourselves. Taking a break from social media, our phones, eating unhealthy foods and the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is a time to create intention to go within, release the stresses, and to recharge our mind and body. It is a reset where we practice yoga and meditate, eat nourishing foods to heal and balance the body. A retreat is a gift to yourself that supports overall wellbeing mentally, physically and spiritually. Post-retreat you should feel grounded, centered, taller, and inspired to eat healthier, think healthier and live healthier. It is like hitting a reset button! You should feel inspired to continue with the tools you will learn at The Urban Retreat. You’ll leave with new friendships and resources that will forever support you on your personal and spiritual journey. The afternoon will combine meditation, breath work, and yoga practice that is transformative, natural and profound and to help us find balance in our everyday lives.

Register Online

Or e-mail info@majesticyogastudio.com, call 617.876.6116, or mail in the workshop registration form.


Lindsay GibsonLindsay Gibson

Lindsay Gibson, founder and owner of Majestic Yoga Studio has been a devoted student and teacher of yoga for over 25 years. Her unique and skillful approach to teaching and practice is multidimensional, delicately and carefully weaving together a deep knowledge of human anatomy and an essential application of the mind-body connection. Specializing in Therapeutic Yoga, Lindsay brings insight, awareness, and passion to the practice of yoga and the healing arts. Her teachings, and practice, are influenced by Thomas Hannah, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Irene Dowd. Lindsay began her studies in Iyengar Yoga with Karin Stephan and continues to study with Zoe Stewart. Her other teachers include Tias and Surya Little, Barbara Benagh, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Deb Neubauer, and Majestic Yoga Studio students and teachers. Through her warmth and compassion, Lindsay, a true 'teacher's teacher', guides her students to a deeper level of understanding and skill acquisition.

Adrianne VincentAdrianne Vincent

Adrianne Vincent is an integrative medical educator, clinical counselor, and bodywork practitioner. Drawing upon years of experience, Adrianne has developed a unique interdisciplinary approach to clinical and pastoral care which she has introduced and established in various institutions across the United States and internationally. Adrianne’s professional life has been devoted to complementing the best of academic allopathic medicine with evidence-based spirituality and healing practices for families, healthcare workers, and patients throughout their lives, and through the end of life. A founding member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, the Institute for Health and Healing (IHH) at the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, CA, and founder CEO of Unconditional CareSM, Adrianne has helped facilitate the progressive exploration of integrative medical practices as well as designed coursework for their implementation. Adrianne is currently competing an MTS degree at Harvard Divinity School, researching sustainability options for clinicians at the Adult Palliative Care Division of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and is working with Palliative Care Fellows at Harvard Medical School in Boston. She is also building Unconditional Care, a foundation committed to creating and offering educational programming to provide resources and support for care-givers and family members dealing with end of life care.


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