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The Transformative Power of Yoga and Meditation
6-Day Retreat on the West Coast of Scotland
With Lindsay Gibson
June 6 - 11, 2020

In this precious moment consider that there is no past, no future. There is only the perfect now. Together, we shall build upon this perfect moment with yoga, meditation, and nature's beauty. Yogastah Kuru Karmani: bring yourself, with patience and heart, into this perfect moment.

A Brief Tonglen Energy Meditation, Lindsay Gibson

We invite you to join us for this 6-Day yoga and meditation retreat in the West Coast of Scotland. Here, surrounded by spectacular views of the ocean, sandy beaches, and nature preserves, we will create together a quiet, sacred space to practice yoga and meditation. The sheer beauty of our house and environs will add to our work and our pleasure. Participants will be guided to step away from their daily concerns and step into the heart and the now.

Through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and crystal healing bowls participants will practice ancient methods designed to help achieve a calm mind and strong body. The careful and sensitive inclusion of all the senses will bring participants to a place of internal grace and serenity. And to do this work on the West Coast lends a special air of Scottish mystery and allure.

This retreat is designed for all practice levels. Beginners to seasoned practitioners who want to explore and enjoy mindful movement and meditation are welcome. The retreat is limited to 10 students.

Pre-registration is required

Fee Includes:

  • 6 Days of yoga and meditation led by Lindsay Gibson, a master yogini and a senior instructor.
  • 5 nights in luxurious, 5 star accommodations.
    • Arrival June 6th 11am
    • Departure June 11th midday
  • Breakfast, Lunch, 3-course Dinner, and High Tea will be prepared by House chefs.
  • Crystal Bowl Healing with the gifted healer and musician, Ayumi Ueda.
  • Guided daily walks and hikes on the estate, and miles of private beaches, led by the House owner!
  • Two Excursions, TBA.
  • Scottish Country Dancing with local fiddler and bag piper!
  • A local Knitter will bring her beautiful yarns and knitted goods and provide knitting lessons for interested participants.
  • Daily housekeeping will provide fresh linens and towels. Nightly turn down services included. Look carefully for a night time treat on your pillow.
  • Gratuities are included in the fee.

For more information about the Retreat, please follow this link Retreat in Scotland.


Lindsay Gibson, MS

Lindsay is the Founder and Owner of Majestic Yoga Studio and the non-profit, The Yoga Training and Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lindsay has been a devoted teacher of yoga and mindfulness for 30 years. Her unique and skillful approach to teaching and practice are multidimensional, delicately, carefully weaving her deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and an essential appreciation of the mind-body connection. Specializing in Therapeutic Yoga, Lindsay brings insight, awareness, and passion to the practice of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and the healing arts. Lindsay has developed the online courses: Connecting to Your Heart: A Path Inward and The Body: Self Love. As a teacher's teacher, she is dedicated to training instructors and promoting their professional and spiritual development. Lindsay brings to everything she does a special sensitivity to individual needs and differences, an enduring respect for the wonders of the human body, and a passionate regard and commitment to her students, pears, and teachers.


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