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Free Iyengar class with Rahel Wasserfall

  Huron Village
Date:  Saturday, TBA
Time:  1pm - 2:30pm
Fee:  Free

Registration required.

Workshop Description

In this free introduction to the Iyengar method, Rahel Wasserfall CYIT and Ph.D, will present the principles of sequencing and working with postures to quiet the mind in the Iyengar way. If you are curious to learn why BKS Iyengar has been called the Michelangelo of the yoga world, please come and experience a little of the Iyengar Magic: through a carefully crafted sequence and precise instruction space will be created  in the physical body while mind and body become aligned.

Register Online

Or e-mail info@majesticyogastudio.com, call 617.876.6116, or mail in the workshop registration form.


12:30-3:30pmRahel Wasserfall

Yoga is a life-long healing practice and a state of mind. By immersing ourselves in the sensations of the body we can distill our experience to the present, rising above the stuckness in our bodies and flickering in our heads.
Itís not about flexibility. Youíll learn to develop attention, disconnect from doubt, and better understand your natural state of being. You'll learn to participate with each posture, surrendering to whatís available to your body. This discipline allow me to see the ways of least resistance and walk my path more decisively.
I simply adore the yoga practice, in the geekiest way. After extensive study at South Boston Yoga, I participated in their 500-hour teacher training in 2009. I heard the calling profoundly and took the leap, leaving my career in architecture to wait tables and practice. Today, yoga has moved from flirtation to love affair. I've been teaching and giving bodywork full-time for 6 years! The way I move changes so much year to year and the influence of Richard Freeman and my recent 500 hour with Barbara Benagh have settled me down and held me up. I spend my time addressing the 'special needs,' the experience, the human, rather than the show and prefer not to play music. The ability to focus on what's going on inside is just too good!
Nothing makes me more enthusiastic than sharing my experience. I believe that no one style of yoga holds the key to understanding ourselves. My deepest gratitude goes out to the teachers who have influenced me most, opening the doors of my heart: David & Todd of South Boston Yoga, Cat Kabira, Richard Freeman and Barbara Benagh.


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